Wet on wet on bushes and a house

exercise Wet on wet

Wet on wet on bushes and a house photo

For this painting I have used these colors:

  • Burnt sienna, mine is from Winsor & Newton and is colorful and transparent, which is an advantage for this motif. You can use any orange brown e.g. Quinacridone Burnt Orange.
  • Phthalo blue red shade. The exercise works with any blue but best with a pigment that does NOT granulate, avoid ultramarine or cobalt if you can.
  • Quinacridone Rose. Also works with other cold red colors, the red color is mostly used to make gray colors a little finer, (more neutral).
  • Nickel Azo yellow. Also works with other yellows, Nickel Azo yellow is both transparent and warm in color tone which is an advantage.

So you should only use four colors, it is part of the exercise.

Step 1

Wet on wet on bushes and a house step 1

Masking fluid. Do you see all the faint yellow small spots on the rose bushes and heather? They are all made with Masking fluid. Where you paint the mask, the paint does not stick, when you then paint on top and let it dry, you remove the mask and then you get white areas where the mask was. Paint the red roses and a bunch of small heather flowers with Masking fluid, let this dry before continuing.

Paint the house to the left behind the motif. You get the yellow brick color with burnt sienna + yellow. Paint flat, it should not be interesting, it’s just background. Then mix a gray color with Blue + brown, If you use the same colors as me, the color will be gray with a green tone. If you use other colors, it may be neutral, but it will probably turn a little green. The green color tone is removed by mixing in a LITTLE red, you do not need much, be careful.

If you want, you can pass the house in the background backwards by first painting a light gray color over the entire background, if you want, it is not very important. (Watch the video at the bottom of this page.)

Paint the gray color over the street and sidewalk, save the curb, fade the color of the sidewalk up over the house with water so you do not get a definite edge. Let dry.

Step 2

Wet on wet on bushes and a house step 2

Some soft shadows on the wall should be painted wet on wet. Start by mixing your color for the shadow. It should be painted on an already wet surface so it should be darker as the color will flow and lighten. Wet the whole house with clean water. Whole house! including windows and rose bushes. Paint shadows, it will flow over bushes and windows, It does not matter, do not try to stop it.

Step 3

Wet on wet on bushes and a house step 3

Now it’s time for all the green, all the green parts of the picture must be painted. After this is done, nothing more green should be painted or improved.

All green surfaces are painted wet in wet, to achieve this you need three different green color mixtures right from the start. A light yellow-green, a dark green and very dark blue-green black.

There should be a big difference in the different green mixtures, you will paint dark green in an already wet light green surface, the colors will merge, if there is only a small difference between them this will not be visible, it will only be one color.

When you paint the green, start with the light green and paint some of e.g. the bush on the left, then switch to the dark green color to create shade, look at the photo where it is dark and bright. The video at the end of this page can be helpful. Keep in mind the heather is bluer than the rose bushes. Be careful with the contours so that the plants look natural.

Step 4

Wet on wet on bushes and a house step 4

A very dark blue-black color is mixed. Paint with it: the downpipe and the gutter. When this is done, dilute the paint with water so it becomes lighter and paint the foundation of the house, the curb on the sidewalk and the glass in the windows, they should not be evenly painted, a little careless painting is recommended. Also paint the shadows to the left of the windows.

Step 5

Wet on wet on bushes and a house step 5

Rub off all masking liquid from the image. The red color of the roses is mixed with red + yellow. The pink roses are just Kinakridon pink well diluted, the heather flowers are blue + red. Do not try to paint flowers, just put a spot of color on each flower, do not cover all flowers with color, something white here and there is nice.

Only the almost black window frames remain, blue + brown + red is what should be mixed for this.

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