Pyrrole Orange (PO71)

Transparent Pyrrol Orange

Pyrrole Orange is a very intense red-orange color. The pigment is not common, but only a few years ago Schmincke was the only manufacturer to had it, now there are a few more who use it and more will probably be added later. Pyrrole Orange is a new pigment (1984) that is not yet common among paint manufacturers. I discovered it recently, just a couple of years ago. The color is now important to me, it is very good as a warm red color, it is admittedly referred to as orange, but is so red that it works as a warm red in my palette.

There is conflicting information online about whether the color is transparent or opaque, in my opinion it is transparent or at least semi-transparent. It does not stain the paper so much and it is a little reluctant in wet on wet but leaves a beautiful pattern on the paper, it has a very delicate granulation.

All colors lose some intensity in the color and value when they dry, some lose up to half the value they had as freshly painted once they have dried, others lose only a little, Pyrrole Orange is a color that is almost the same in the dry state as when it was wet, that’s nice.

I, who like Phthalo blue (RS), the extra advantage of pyrrole orange because it is almost perfect complementary color to phthalo. It is difficult to find good complementary colors to this blue color, but pyrrole orange is one of those that works.

Phthalo Blue + Transparent Pyrrol Orange
Phthalo Blue + Transparent Pyrrol Orange gives an almost neutral gray color
There are not many paint manufacturers that have the color, here is a list of the ones I have found:

Winsor & Newton: Transparent Orange
Daniel Smit: Transparent Pyrrol Orange
MaimeriBlu: Pyrrole Orange
Lukas: Permanent Orange
Talens Rembrandt: Pyrrol Orange
Schmincke: Transparent Orange

Transparent Pyrrol Orange from Daniel Smith is transparent
Transparent Pyrrol Orange from Daniel Smith is transparent. The paint seems cooler in thin layers of paint.
Pyrrol Orange is a little staining
The color is a little staining
 Pyrrol Orange does not move so well in water
It does not move so well in water
Pyrrol Orange  hardly granulates at all,
It hardly granulates at all, but leaves a nice edge
Pyrrol Orange likes to bloom
The color likes to bloom


Color index name: PO71
Lightfastness: Excellent
Transparency: Yes
Staining: No (just a little)
Granules: No.

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Mr. S.
3 years ago

Amazing Gray -combining pyrrole orange and phthalo blue

3 years ago

The pigment PO71 seems to have changed. It’s now more yellow. I was very disappointed when I got my new tube of DS transparent pyrrol orange, and have read online that others have the same experience. Still a nice colour, but not a “warm red” any more.

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