Hydropower – an exercise


Hydropower photo

This is a fairly easy exercise where you have to use kitchen paper or similar to soak up freshly painted paint to give a hazy effect. Use a blue, yellow and cold red color. Maybe even a light brown like burnt sienna. I used phthalo blue, Nickel dioxin yellow, quinacridone rose and burnt sienna.

Hydropower step1

The first thing you paint in the picture is the sky, reserve some clouds. “Reserving” simply means that you avoid painting on a certain surface. Then apply a light gray color as shadows on the underside of the white clouds. When this has dried, a forest should be painted. Mix blue and yellow color to a suitable green, because the green color you get is far too clear, you should add a little red color to soften it a little. Also mix a darker color that you will later use to paint darker parts of the forest. I made this color almost bluish dark.

Paint the forest down to the buildings which are to be left white. Then take your dark color and paint darker parts of the forest, preferably before the green color has dried.

Hydropower step2

Now the buildings should be painted with burnt sienna, paint completely flat, you should not distinguish one building from another, the same color should be painted flat over everything that is brick colored. Also paint the dark part on the left under the house (Burnt sienna + phthalo blue + a little red). At the bottom, down by the water, use a piece of kitchen paper to soak up paint so that a “hazy” result is achieved, you must do this immediately while the paint is still wet. Paint fluently, otherwise you will get a clear edge. Now you can also paint some windows on the buildings, I made them quite deliberately careless.

Hydropower step3

Shadows are important, they are almost always applied after the object has been given a color. Use kitchen paper to soak up the haze down by the water in the same way as before. Also paint with a very light gray color some shadows in the water mist. Finally, a little water is painted at the bottom of the picture, I chose a blue-violet color for this, just because it stands so well against the green forest.

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