Övning traktor

This is a painting that is painted according to the principle from light to dark. It is thus built up with gradually darker and darker layers of color. The exercise also shows how you can easily make a surface brighter than anything else in a painting.

watercolor exercise Tractor photo

It is painted with three colors: French ultramarine, burnt sienna and phthalo green. I have only used the green color to make the warm ultramarine blue a little cooler for parts of the motif.

Step 1

watercolor exercise Tractor step1

The first thing you should do in the painting is to establish a difference in value between the brightest parts of the painting and everything else. The brightest surfaces are the tractor’s windscreen and the white canopy on the trailer behind the pile of boards to the right in the picture. So paint the whole picture with some light color but leave these surfaces unpainted. I tried to establish color tone already here, bluish in the sky and parts of the ground and the house in the background, the rest I painted a little brownish. Paint wet so that the colors flow into each other.

Step 2

watercolor exercise Tractor step 2

Paint the house behind the tractor, the barn on the right (preferably a little wet in wet with brown and blue), piles of boards and a tarpaulin (blue + a little green) and Concrete Mixer. Paint fairly light, you will gradually add darker layers of paint. The tractor’s windscreen is lighter than the rest of the painting, but you can still see some of the houses behind through it, be careful with the color here, it should be suggested but still be lighter than all the surrounding colors.

Step 3

watercolor exercise Tractor step 3

Now the tractor should get a little color, It should be painted with blue paint, but the paint should not be warm blue, therefore mix in a little green paint so that the blue paint becomes slightly greenish. Take it easy with the contrasts, use fairly light colors, the darkest colors will come later.

Step 4

watercolor exercise Tractor step 4

As so often in watercolor, we finish with the darkest colors. This mainly means painting shadows on the tractor and the dark soil in the foreground. Some details in the background such as tree branches, boards on the house on the right and boards behind the canopy are painted, but above all it is dark colors for the tractor and ground that finish the painting.

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