Paint grass with a flat brush

ränder med flat pensel

I thought I would share a way to paint grass and other “striped” structures that are quite useful. There are brushes that are made for the purpose, so-called fan brushes, but I do not like that type of brush. Instead, I use the simplest possible flat synthetic brush. The brush must be a bit stiff, I would not recommend a flexible natural hair brush for this technique. The simpler the quality the better the results.

To the left a fan brush, the rest flat synthetic brushes suitable for this technique.

Fill the entire brush with watercolor paint, and then remove any excess paint by pulling the brush repeatedly on, for example, a mixing cup, plate or other flat surface. You must use something that does not absorb the paint, no kitchen paper or cloth. When this is done, you have a brush where all the straws are covered with a thin layer of paint, then you can paint.

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An example of this technique.

With small short quick brush strokes, apply the color to the paper. If you are painting grass, it is very important that all brush strokes are made from root to top, from the bottom up. Continue painting until all the paint in the brush is finished, then you can redo the process from the beginning. In the first brushstrokes, the brush gives off quite a lot of paint. As you continue to paint, there will be less and less color left in the brush hairs, then you get finer and finer small lines, you should use that. Paint rough initially, and finer at the end.

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From a few different paintings where I have used the technique.

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