Verona green (PG23)

Verona green

Traditionally, there are many different shades of green earth, all different depending on where they come from. But two sources of green earth are particularly well known, namely Bohemia and Verona. Verona green in particular is well known, so famous, in fact, that there are tiles, blankets, gaming chairs and even rubber boots that are all called verona green.

But when it comes to watercolor paint, and by all means, any other artist paint, the color is unusual. There are a few different oil paints, all of which are falsified and, from what I can find among the major manufacturers, only one watercolor paint. This is from Lukas and is in fact not Verona green but PG26 which is a cobalt green color.

Among the smaller manufacturers, the color is more common, the one I bought is from Rublev from Natural Pigments. The pigment is taken from Brentonico, Verona and is made of the mineral Glauconite. There are several manufacturers, google “verona green watercolor” then you can probably find one, but beware that it really is Verona green and not a fake pigment.

The color is warm light green in the yellow direction, it is very weak, semi-opaque, and granular. It only adheres insignificantly to the paper, it is not staining at all. It is not a green color for landscape, at least not as the only green color in a painting, it is far too weak for that. But for thin glazes, it works better, as shadows in portraits it is excellent.

As a watercolor paint, it is unruly, it forms lumps, collects in spots and takes a very long time to dry. It should be painted well diluted, with plenty of water, as these discomforts become less noticeable. If you understand the limitations of this color and are a friend of genuine colors, it is an asset. But it is not a color for the beginner.

I have tried two Verona green colors, the latest from Rublev and earlier, one from Ottosson’s paint factory. Both colors behave in the same way and are very similar in color tone and lack of intensity. Ottossons are slightly bluer and perhaps a little fuller in color.

Tå olika veronagröna
Top: Verona green from Rublev
Bottom: Verona green from Ottosson’s paint factory
Veronagrön är mycket vek och rätt så täckande färg.
Very weak and quite opaque color.
Veronagrön Fläckar inte.
Do not stain.
Veronagrön Flyter inte alls i vatten.
Does not float in water at all.
Veronagrön Skapar inte någon blomning.
Does not create any blooms.
Veronagrön Granulerar med inget bett.
Granules with no hard edge.

Color index: PG23
Lightfastness: Excellent
Transparency: Semi-opaque
Staining: Not at all
Granulation: Yes

Verona green in the color wheel

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