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Verona green 0

Verona green (PG23)

Traditionally, there are many different shades of green earth, all different depending on where they come from. But two sources of green earth are particularly well known, namely Bohemia and Verona. Verona green in…

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Magnani Acquarello

Magnani paper mill is one of Europe’s oldest, it was founded in 1404. It is located in Italy, between Pisa and Florence, in a small village called Pescia. It is a paper mill with…

varför inte svart? 0

Why not black?

It is often heard that black paint should be avoided, or even that it is forbidden in watercolor painting. I can understand why, a black detail. in a painting that does not contain any…

färgnamn 0

Color names

I really wish the manufacturers of artist paints could give their paints sensible names, but above all: the same name for the same color. If I recommend phthalo green to a student who uses…



Sepia is most often placed in the category of earth colors, in fact the color is the absolute opposite of an earth color, because it is originally a “sea color” extracted from the ink…

red + gren 0

Mixing red and green color

When you ask Google what color you get when red and green are mixed, several of the answers are that the color turns brown. This is only true if a certain red and green…

två vattenbehållare 0

Two water containers?

I recently read an article in which the author praised his recent discovery of using two water tanks. One to rinse the brush in and the other to have access to clean water. This,…

skrapa fram vitt i akvarell 0

Scrape out white

Smaller white details in watercolor are always a problem. They are often too small to just save by painting around. It is possible to use masking fluid and a dip pen or similar tool…

Green gold 0

Green Gold – PY129

The name green gold probably comes from the metal made of an alloy of gold and Palladium (or silver). As a watercolor paint, it was the pigment PG10 that was first named green gold….

Börja måla akvarell 0

Start painting watercolor

Learning to paint watercolor and buying sensible stuff is not easy. The absolute beginner is faced with thousands of choices of different colors, brushes and paper, not to mention all the conflicting information about…