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paper without sizing 0

Paper problem

All really good watercolor paper has a

Vagnar och träd 0

Trailers and trees

This painting is done with phthalo blue, burnt sienna, nickel dioxin yellow and quinacridone rose. The blue color can be replaced with e.g. Prussian blue or any other modern synthetic blue color. The brown…

raw umbra 0

Raw Umber

The origin of the name “Umber” is disputed, many believe that it has its origin in the Latin word “umbra” which means shadow, while others claim that the name comes from Umbria, a mountainous…

Black Tulip 2

Black Tulip brush set

I received a set of watercolor brushes from Zen Art supplies sent to me for evaluation. I thought I might as well write a review on the blog of these brushes. They call the…

Sen eftermiddag på hösten 0

Late afternoon in autumn

Cobalt blue, burnt sienna, quinacridone rose and Nickel Dioxine Yellow (a warm yellow) This motif is from just outside Kävlinge on a beautiful autumn day when the trees start to turn brown. The photo…

ftalobla_gs 0

Phthalo blue green shade (PB15:3)

Phthalo blue is available in several variants. The most common are PB15:1 and PB15:3, PB15:1 is warmer than PB15:3 and is often called red shade while PB15:3 which is greenish is often called green…

cirkel 0

Coloring a circle

This is a very simple exercise for the absolute beginner, sometimes when I get students who do not master basic brush technique and who have difficulty painting with a lot of liquid, they get…

Övning traktor 0


This is a painting that is painted according to the principle from light to dark. It is thus built up with gradually darker and darker layers of color. The exercise also shows how you…