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Ocher, the oldest color

Ocher is a truly ancient pigment. Already during the early Stone Age in Africa it has been used. Archaeologists have found evidence of the use of red ocher before humans were homo sapiens 300,000…

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Transparent red oxide

There are many manufacturers of the paint called Red Oxide or Red Iron Oxide, sometimes with the addition of transparent to the name. Common to all of them, and even more with other names,…

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Regarding the exercises

All exercises that you find here on originally come from my courses in Lund. They have all been painted before by my students. Some students have painted them very successfully, sometimes better than…

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Watercolor paper, texture

Watercolor paper is produced with different surfaces, ranging from smooth as window glass to rough as a gravel road. Which surface you choose is of great importance for the result. The surface of the…

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Coffee grinder, a semi-hard exercise

This watercolor exercise of a coffee grinder is to be painted with three different colors: French ultramarine, burnt sienna and any warm yellow. The blue ultramarine together with the brown should give a neutral…

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Brown (iron) Oxide PR101

Brown Oxide or Brown Iron Oxide is a color that several different manufacturers have in their respective ranges. This text is mainly about the paint from Daniel Smith which has the name Transparent Brown…

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Stonehenge Aqua

In 1972, the all-purpose Stonehenge paper made in the USA was launched by Legion Paper. It was, and is, very popular for prints, drawing, calligraphy and more. The paper is available in many different…

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There is also fashion in terms of framing. Boxes, tall frames with free-hanging artwork were popular in the 90s. During the 1940s and 1950s, wide neutral frames with linen fabric were used. Nowadays, the…

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Watercolor paper, thickness

Sometimes when I complain about a student’s watercolor paper, and say that it is too poor to give a successful result, the student points to the cover of the block and says: but it…