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W&N barnsäker kork 0

Throw away the cap

Are you one of those people who use masking fluid sometimes? Maybe you are one of those who use one from Winsor & Newton which is a popular brand, in which case you have…

quinacridone pink 0

Quinacridone Violet (PV42)

Quinacridone Violet is light-resistant, transparent, quite staining pink color that is very close to Quinacridone rose PV19 in hue. Like Quinacridone rose, the color is intensely colorful and loses tone as it dries. Both…

San Gimignano 0

Tourists in San Gimignano

This little exercise should be painted quickly. As for colors, you can use any. I myself used as a base: phthalo blue and venetian red and all sorts of others for the people in…

schumra träd 0

Dry brush trees in the background

Dry brushing (Scumbling) trees in the background of a landscape is often a good way to paint them (Read more about dry brush). You want to create a believable tree without being overly detailed….

Tegelstenar 0


When there is a brick building in the subject, you are faced with a choice of two options: ignore the bricks and just paint the whole house with a brick color, or paint each…

Cobalt blue deep 0

Cobalt Blue Deep (PB72 PB73 PB74)

In 1802, the French chemist Louis Jacques Thénard discovered the pigment we today call cobalt blue deep in an attempt to find a blue color that could replace the very expensive lapis lazuli. There…

Red cat 0

Red cat – A watercolor exercise

This exercise is impossible to place as easy or difficult. It depends on a lot of different things if it is one or the other: The right paper is essential, the right colors are…