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Vallis Clausa

There are small local paper mills that make fine paper, and some even make watercolor paper. The papers are often a bit special and have different properties than ordinary papers from large manufacturers. I…

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Quinacridone Purple PV55

The color commonly referred to as Quinacridone Purple is a relatively new watercolor paint. The first one on the market was introduced by Daniel Smith in 2011. Following the initial introduction of this color,…

gradering 0


I have recently completed some exercises in my watercolor courses which included gradients, large smooth gradients, small uneven gradients and everything in between. The result was partly disappointing. It is clear that this basic…

casaneo 2

Da Vinci Casaneo

I rarely buy new watercolor brushes. I already have way too many and take good care of them, so they last a very long time. But sometimes a new watercolor brush comes along that…

granulerande färger 0

Granulating paints

For most beginners, granulating paints are an unfamiliar concept. They are hardly colors that you are looking for and they are almost never included in ready-made watercolor boxes. In addition, they are often more…

transparent yellow oxide 0

Transparent Yellow Oxide – PY42

The third and final color in Daniel Smith’s series of transparent and granulating mars browns discussed here is the yellow color. The other two are Transparent Red Oxide and Transparent Brown Oxide. Transparent Yellow…

Kåseberga hamn 0

Kåseberga harbour

Kåseberga is a small town on the southern coast of Skåne. About a hundred meters from the harbor is the megalithic monument Ale’s Stones. Kåseberga used to be an important fishing village, fishing and…

Fabriano Artistico 0

Fabriano Artistico

Fabriano paper mill is Europe’s first major paper producer. There is evidence that cotton paper from the small town of Fabiano was already produced in the latter part of the 13th century. The paper…

Färgblandnings schema 0

Color mixing chart

Do an image search on ”mixing watercolors” or similar, and you will get results that look like the image above. Diagrams of different watercolors mixed in a grid, which I’m sure takes a long…