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Spår, en akvarellövning 0

Tracks | A watercolor exercise

This painting is done with my three-color favorite combination, namely: French ultramarine, burnt sienna and raw sienna. It is a very good color combo for (non-green) landscapes, especially winter and autumn motifs. Step 1…

quinacridone burnt orange 1

Quinacridone orange (PO48)

Quinacridone orange is a transparent, staining and very intense orange earth-colored


Beginner’s mistakes 2

I continue to describe common mistakes that many beginners make, last time I described mistakes that are common with the material such as brushes, paper and paints. This time it is the problem that…

Lundagård in the snow 0

Lundagård in the snow

This is an old painting from 2004, the motif is from Lundagård in Lund. This park is adjacent to the university’s main building with its fountain which I have painted many times. The painting…

Alizarin lack, alizarin crimson 0

Alizarin crimson (PR83)

Alizarin is the dye in madder red, a red dye extracted from the madder root, from this dye the

Övning stenar i vatten 3

Stones in water

I have painted this picture with only two colors, one blue and the complementary color to blue, it usually means a brown color. You can choose which blue and brown you want, but before…

neutral tint 0

Neutral tint

To create neutral shadows and to lower the value of many different colors, watercolor painters often use Neutral Tint, the name suggests that the mixture should be neutral, but it is not. Neutral Tint…

Vit akvarellfärg 0

White paint, is it allowed?

Virtually everyone who teaches watercolor painting says that students should not use white paint. If you read books, or on the Internet, about watercolor painting, you also get the impression that most writers do…

smutsig färglåda 0

Beginner’s mistakes 1

I have been holding watercolor courses for almost 40 years and have seen many beginners paint watercolor during all this time. I will mention some very common mistakes that beginners make, so that you…

kadmium 0

Stop using cadmium paints

“WHAT! there is cadmium in cadmium red? ” exclaimed once a student when we talked about colors. Are you also one of those who are not aware that there are toxic colors. Cadmium is…