Category: Colors and pigments

About watercolors and pigments, I describe different watercolors: history, pigments and their painting properties.

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Raw Umber

The origin of the name “Umber” is disputed, many believe that it has its origin in the Latin word “umbra” which means shadow, while others claim that the name comes from Umbria, a mountainous…

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Phthalo blue green shade (PB15:3)

Phthalo blue is available in several variants. The most common are PB15:1 and PB15:3, PB15:1 is warmer than PB15:3 and is often called red shade while PB15:3 which is greenish is often called green…

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Quinacridone red – PR209

Quinacridone red is something as unusual as a transparent warm red color. The color has very good mixing properties and it is possible to successfully mix it towards both orange and violet. The paint…

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Indanthrone (indanthrene) PB60

The dye PB60 was developed by the German chemical company BASF in 1901, but it took until the 1950s before it was used as a

Sap Green 2

Sap Green (NG2)

Sap green is another of all traditional colors that today is just an imitation. The original color Sap green was made from plant juices that were squeezed from, usually, unripe buckthorn berries, but also…

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Cobalt violet (PV14)

The cobalt violet we know today was first manufactured in 1859 by the French chemist Salvetat, the manufacturing process is costly which made the