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Red Iron Oxide 1

Transparent red oxide

There are many manufacturers of the paint called Red Oxide or Red Iron Oxide, sometimes with the addition of transparent to the name. Common to all of them, and even more with other names,…

Transparent Brown Oxide 0

Transparent Brown Oxide PR101

Brown Oxide or Brown Iron Oxide is a color that several different manufacturers have in their respective ranges. This text is mainly about the paint from Daniel Smith which has the name Transparent Brown…

Grön färg 0

Is green paint unnecessary

In many of my students’ paint boxes, green colors are overrepresented. Personally, I probably have more green colors than others. Still, I almost never use green paint to paint green, preferring to mix my…

quinacridone pink 0

Quinacridone Violet (PV42)

Quinacridone Violet is a lightfast, transparent, quite staining pink color that is very close to Quinacridone rose PV19 in hue. Like Quinacridone rose, the color is intensely colorful and loses tone as it dries….

Cobalt blue deep 0

Cobalt Blue Deep (PB72 PB73 PB74)

In 1802, the French chemist Louis Jacques Thénard discovered the pigment we today call cobalt blue deep in an attempt to find a blue color that could replace the very expensive lapis lazuli. There…

Verona green 0

Verona green (PG23)

Traditionally, there are many different shades of green earth, all different depending on where they come from. But two sources of green earth are particularly well known, namely Bohemia and Verona. Verona green in…