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Green gold 0

Green Gold – PY129

The name green gold probably comes from the metal made of an alloy of gold and Palladium (or silver). As a watercolor paint, it was the pigment PG10 that was first named green gold….

isoindolingult 0

Isoindoline Yellow – PY139

Isoindoline pigments are a group of modern dyes with shades from red to green-yellow, of which only the warm yellow PY139 is fairly common in watercolor. isoindoline yellow has an orange-yellow hue, is a…

Aureolin eller Koboltgult (PY40) 0

Aureolin or Cobalt Yellow (PY40)

The pigment was first produced by the German chemist Nikolaus Wolfgang Fischer in 1831, hence the name Fischers yellow. But later, when the pigment became a paint for artists’ colors, it was called aureolin….

Nickel Azo Yellow 7

Nickel Azo yellow (Transparent Yellow) PY150

Maybe I should admit right away: Nickel Azo yellow is my favorite among yellow colors nowadays. Previously, it had competition from Nickel Dioxin yellow (PY153) and Quinacridone Gold (PO49), but none of these colors…

Lemon yellow PY175 0

Lemon yellow (PY175)

The original pigment with the name lemon yellow is Barium chromate, it has the index name PY31, the pigment is toxic and is no longer used in watercolor paint. Instead, various AZO pigments have…

Gummigutta gamboge 3

Gamboge, a closed chapter

Once upon a time there was a color, extracted from the tree Clusiaceae, which was called gamboge. Unfortunately, the paint had poor lightfastness, it faded quickly in sunlight. Therefore, it was replaced as soon…