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Green gold 4

Green Gold – PY129

The name green gold probably comes from the metal made of an alloy of gold and Palladium (or silver). As a watercolor paint, it was the pigment PG10 that was first named green gold….

isoindolingult 0

Isoindoline Yellow – PY139

Isoindoline pigments are a group of modern dyes with shades from red to green-yellow, of which only the warm yellow PY139 is fairly common in watercolor. isoindoline yellow has an orange-yellow hue, is a…

Gummigutta gamboge 5

Gamboge, a closed chapter

Once upon a time there was a color, extracted from the tree Clusiaceae, which was called gamboge. Unfortunately, the paint had poor lightfastness, it faded quickly in sunlight. Therefore, it was replaced as soon…