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kaffe 0

Coffee | A watercolor exercise

Here is a fairly simple exercise painted with only three colors. You can use any colors that suit the painting, I used ivory black, phthalo blue and burnt sienna. The blue color can be…

Vagnar och träd 0

Trailers and trees

This painting is done with phthalo blue, burnt sienna, nickel dioxin yellow and quinacridone rose. The blue color can be replaced with e.g. Prussian blue or any other modern synthetic blue color. The brown…

Sen eftermiddag på hösten 0

Late afternoon in autumn

Cobalt blue, burnt sienna, quinacridone rose and Nickel Dioxine Yellow (a warm yellow) This motif is from just outside Kävlinge on a beautiful autumn day when the trees start to turn brown. The photo…

Övning traktor 0


This is a painting that is painted according to the principle from light to dark. It is thus built up with gradually darker and darker layers of color. The exercise also shows how you…

A glass of wine 0

A glass of wine | An exercise

This is just an exercise, it really has nothing to do with art. I have used three different colors: Phthalo blue, quinacridone rose and burnt sienna. If you want to make color mixing a…

Bicycle tracks 7

Exercise – Bicycle tracks

This is an exercise that is both simple and difficult at the same time. If you have a good drawing as a basis, you can paint this easily in a free style. But if…

exercise Wet on wet 0

Wet on wet on bushes and a house

For this painting I have used these colors: Burnt sienna, mine is from Winsor & Newton and is colorful and transparent, which is an advantage for this motif. You can use any orange brown…

Squares 3


Here is a fun exercise, it practices wet in wet technique and also the ability to paint accurately as well as carelessly. It also exercises the ability to perceive and reproduce fine value differences….