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Arrange your watercolor box

Do you use watercolor paints in pans?Do you keep them in a box created for the purpose?Are all your colors in disarray?Don’t you know what their name is? If you answered yes to these…

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White paint, is it allowed?

Virtually everyone who teaches watercolor painting says that students should not use white paint. If you read books, or on the Internet, about watercolor painting, you also get the impression that most writers do…

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Stop using cadmium paints

“WHAT! there is cadmium in cadmium red? ” exclaimed once a student when we talked about colors. Are you also one of those who are not aware that there are toxic colors. Cadmium is…

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Premixed colors

There are several different types of premixed colors. There are colors that a manufacturer mixes to mimic an expensive

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Watercolour Paints Cracking

Do you have watercolor pans that crack like the one in the picture above? It could be due to too much water! If you use watercolor paint in a pan, as most people do,…

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Tubes or pans from the point of view of price

At least 80% of my students in my watercolor courses use paint in a pan. The rest use tubes, Tube users are in the minority. Many of the new students do not even know…

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Beginner’s (and others) guide to choosing colors

Having the right colors is crucial to be able to mix with them. Most watercolor sets have a decent range of colors, but they often lack some important color, and it also often includes…


What colors do I have in my watercolor box?

I mostly use colors in a tube, but I have a box that I take with me when I can not or do not want to bring a lot of tubes. The box contains…

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Why use a limited palette

Try painting a picture that contains both quinacridone rose and cadmium red, or French ultramarine and phthalo blue. The coloring achieved with such a color combination is not beautiful, it is disharmonious, like tritone…