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How to take care of your watercolor brushes. You will find which watercolor brushes to choose, and more about watercolor brushes in this category.

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New brush

A newly purchased brush cannot be used immediately. Two things must be done before you can start painting with it. I’ve noticed that not all of my students know how to handle a new…

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Da Vinci Casaneo

I rarely buy new watercolor brushes. I already have way too many and take good care of them, so they last a very long time. But sometimes a new watercolor brush comes along that…

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Cleaning brushes

In my experience, the vast majority of people clean their watercolor brushes after finishing painting by rinsing them in water. The paint is water-soluble and most of it disappears by rinsing in water, but…

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Black Tulip brush set

I received a set of watercolor brushes from Zen Art supplies sent to me for evaluation. I thought I might as well write a review on the blog of these brushes. They call the…

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Beginner’s choice of brushes

The shape There are many different types of watercolor brushes. But for ordinary painting, the round brush is the only sensible choice. It can be good to have other types of brushes as well,…

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Take care of your brushes

One of the downsides of teaching watercolor is seeing how people take care of their stuff. Many people buy nice brushes and then quickly destroy them, it’s sad to see. Here are some simple…