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Nickel Azo Yellow 0

Nickel Azo gul (Transparent Yellow) PY150

Jag kanske skall erkänna med en gång: Nickel Azo gul är min favorit bland gula färger numera. Tidigare hade den konkurrens av Nickel Dioxin gul (PY153) och Quinacridone Gold (PO49), men ingen av dessa…

Nickel Azo Yellow 7

Nickel Azo yellow (Transparent Yellow) PY150

Maybe I should admit right away: Nickel Azo yellow is my favorite among yellow colors nowadays. Previously, it had competition from Nickel Dioxin yellow (PY153) and Quinacridone Gold (PO49), but none of these colors…

Gummigutta gamboge 3

Gamboge, a closed chapter

Once upon a time there was a color, extracted from the tree Clusiaceae, which was called gamboge. Unfortunately, the paint had poor lightfastness, it faded quickly in sunlight. Therefore, it was replaced as soon…