Manganese violet


The pigment was invented in Germany in 1868. The color is toxic, despite this it is used in cosmetics. The color is usually bluish violet, but there are also more reddish colors. It has a tendency to dry out in tubes. The pigment is highly granulating and creates a nice pattern on the paper when it is painted fluently. Manganese violet is not a very good color for mixtures, it is a beautiful color that is not very suitable to mix with, but it is nice on its own.

There is no pigment that is a good complementary color, it is a yellow-green color, the closest is phthalogreen yellow shade. But the colors have different character, they may not thrive together in a painting. Manganese violet is a weak pigment that is somewhat unclear.

Manganese violet +
Manganese violet +
Viridian =
Manganese violet + Viridian
A beautiful gray-blue color mix

Not all major manufacturers have the color, here is a list of some that I have found.

ROYAL TALENS : REMBRANDT: Manganese violet
SCHMINCKE : HORADAM: Manganese violet
OLD HOLLAND: Manganese violet Reddish
OLD HOLLAND: Manganese violet Blueness
BLOCKX: Manganese violet
SCHMINCKE: Manganese violet
MAIMERIBLU: Manganese violet
WINSOR & NEWTON: Permanent Mauve
DA VINCI: Manganese violet

Manganese violet Hue and transparency
Hue and transparency
Manganese violet is not very staining
Manganese violet is not very staining
Manganese violet Wet on wet: almost nothing happens
Wet on wet: almost nothing happens
Manganese violet  blooming
Despite stubborn attempts on my part to try on the color to bloom, it does not happen

Color index name: PV16
Lightfastness: Extremely good.
Transparency: Semi-opaque
Staining: Slightly.
Granulation: A lot

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Mr. S.
3 years ago

I still like its granulation, don’t know if I’d go and buy one though

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