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White paint, is it allowed?

Virtually everyone who teaches watercolor painting says that students should not use white paint. If you read books, or on the Internet, about watercolor painting, you also get the impression that most writers do…

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Beginner’s mistakes 1

I have been holding watercolor courses for almost 40 years and have seen many beginners paint watercolor during all this time. I will mention some very common mistakes that beginners make, so that you…

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Stop using cadmium paints

“WHAT! there is cadmium in cadmium red? ” exclaimed once a student when we talked about colors. Are you also one of those who are not aware that there are toxic colors. Cadmium is…

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Paper problem

All really good watercolor paper has a

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Black Tulip brush set

I received a set of watercolor brushes from Zen Art supplies sent to me for evaluation. I thought I might as well write a review on the blog of these brushes. They call the…

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When a new student arrives at my courses, they usually have a pencil with them, at least those who have painted before, those who have not painted do not have a pencil. Pretty much…

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Premixed colors

There are several different types of premixed colors. There are colors that a manufacturer mixes to mimic an expensive

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Watercolour Paints Cracking

Do you have watercolor pans that crack like the one in the picture above? It could be due to too much water! If you use watercolor paint in a pan, as most people do,…

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Beginner’s choice of brushes

The shape There are many different types of watercolor brushes. But for ordinary painting, the round brush is the only sensible choice. It can be good to have other types of brushes as well,…

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Blocks or sheets

I understand why so many, especially amateurs, choose to paint on a piece of paper in a block rather than paint on a stretched sheet of paper. It can be difficult to stretch a…