Phthalo blue green shade (PB15:3)


Phthalo blue is available in several variants. The most common are PB15:1 and PB15:3, PB15:1 is warmer than PB15:3 and is often called red shade while PB15:3 which is greenish is often called green shade, the red variant you can read about here, this text is about the green shade.

Phthalo blue green shade is only a little more green than the more common red shade, and has generally the same properties: it is as staining as the red and it dries with quite a lot of lost value and color intensity, just like the red tone. None of the colors granulate and they are transparent. The big difference is the mixing properties of the colors, the red shade can be mixed freely with all other colors while the green tone is suitable only in the green direction, it is more difficult to mix pure violet colors with, than the red variant. It is also more difficult to find a good complementary color to the green shade.

The spectrum of the green shade is significantly flatter than that of the red, so poorer blending properties are expected. This is especially noticeable in the red area where the red shade has clear peaks that the green shade completely lacks.

In summary, it can be said that the color has the same properties as the phthalo blue red shade, but with less opportunity for blends, I myself never use this color, if I need a greener variant of phthalo, I just add a little phthalo green to the red shade.

A transparent color with a slightly greenish tone
The color is very staining
It likes to bloom
It is a fine-grained pigment that is light, so it likes to float in water
No granulation but a clear hard edge
How Phthalo blue green shade (PB15:3) is placed in the color wheel.


Color index name: PB15:3
Lightfastness: Excellent
Transparency: Yes, very
Staining: A lot
Granulation: No.

Top: Phthalo blue red shade (PB15:1)
Bottom: Phthalo blue green shade (PB15:3)

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