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quinacridone burnt orange 1

Quinacridone orange (PO48)

Quinacridone orange is a transparent, staining and very intense orange earth-colored

raw umbra 0

Raw Umber

The origin of the name “Umber” is disputed, many believe that it has its origin in the Latin word “umbra” which means shadow, while others claim that the name comes from Umbria, a mountainous…

vandyke brown 0

Van Dyke brown

Van Dyke brown is a classic color, named after the Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck. The color is also known as cassel earth and cologne earth. The material traditionally used for the

venetian red 0

Venetian red

The color Venetian red is the same as Indian red, the only difference is that Venetian red is often slightly lighter and more orange in color. The color is as old as human culture, Venetian…

burnt sienna 2

Burnt Sienna

Sienna is in its original form a yellow-brown earth color. If you heat up the natural sienna

Raw Sienna 3

Raw Sienna

Raw sienna is an ancient

Earth pigments 3

Earth colors

Earth colors, the name itself has character, it says that the color is original, genuine, natural. Nothing can be further from the truth. The traditional index names for true earth colors are PBr7 and…