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Exercises for watercolor painters in different levels of difficulty. Read them for tips or use them to paint from.

Kåseberga hamn 0

Kåseberga harbour

Kåseberga is a small town on the southern coast of Skåne. About a hundred meters from the harbor is the megalithic monument Ale’s Stones. Kåseberga used to be an important fishing village, fishing and…

Vitt hus 0

Three primary colors | An exercise

This is a fairly simple exercise in terms of painting, but perhaps difficult when it comes to color mixing. The idea of the exercise is to train the ability to paint large surfaces evenly…

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Regarding the exercises

All exercises that you find here on originally come from my courses in Lund. They have all been painted before by my students. Some students have painted them very successfully, sometimes better than…

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Coffee grinder, a semi-hard exercise

This watercolor exercise of a coffee grinder is to be painted with three different colors: French ultramarine, burnt sienna and any warm yellow. The blue ultramarine together with the brown should give a neutral…

San Gimignano 2

Tourists in San Gimignano

This little exercise should be painted quickly. As for colors, you can use any. I myself used as a base: phthalo blue and venetian red and all sorts of others for the people in…