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schumra träd 0

Dry brush trees in the background

Dry brushing (Scumbling) trees in the background of a landscape is often a good way to paint them (Read more about dry brush). You want to create a believable tree without being overly detailed….

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When there is a brick building in the subject, you are faced with a choice of two options: ignore the bricks and just paint the whole house with a brick color, or paint each…

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Mixing red and green color

When you ask Google what color you get when red and green are mixed, several of the answers are that the color turns brown. This is only true if a certain red and green…

skrapa fram vitt i akvarell 0

Scrape out white

Smaller white details in watercolor are always a problem. They are often too small to just save by painting around. It is possible to use masking fluid and a dip pen or similar tool…

green color mixtures 0

Mix blue and yellow

Mixing green color seems to cause problems for many. Maybe it’s because mixing color is generally difficult or it’s just that green colors are difficult to get right. When a blue color is mixed…

ränder med flat pensel 0

Paint grass with a flat brush

I thought I would share a way to paint grass and other “striped” structures that are quite useful. There are brushes that are made for the purpose, so-called fan brushes, but I do not…