Culture night in Lund

kulturnatten 2020

Every year since 1989 I have participated in the “culture night” in Lund with paintings from Lund, I have made many paintings from Lund during all these years. This year’s exhibition has today been handed over to the art gallery in Lund. It remains for the gallery owner to create a nice presentation of the paintings. The culture night is tomorrow 19 September.

Thirty years ago it was possible to make a living from art, it is much more difficult today, But a motif that is always successful is the fountain on the university campus, preferably with the main building in the background, I have painted it many times.

The University Fountain through the years

Before each exhibition, however, all pictures must be framed. It’s not that fun, but it has to be done. In the last few days I have spent a lot of time in the workshop making frames, here are some pictures from there.

This is how messy I have it in my workshop
Some paintings waiting to get glass
You must have a steady hand when cutting glass
A painting is put together

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