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Simple watercolor exercises

These watercolor exercises are made for those who have little experience with watercolor painting. You don’t need to be an experienced watercolorist to paint these exercises.

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Drybrushed lake

This painting can be difficult or easy to paint, depending on your brush technique. Many less experienced watercolor painters usually have a far too strict attitude when it comes to how they use their…

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Skåne farm

This is an easy painting exercise. Three colors and only a few layers of paint and almost no glazing or wet on wet, basically the whole painting is done with only one layer, of…

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Three primary colors | An exercise

This is a fairly simple exercise in terms of painting, but perhaps difficult when it comes to color mixing. The idea of the exercise is to train the ability to paint large surfaces evenly…

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An Onion, a simple exercise

The result of this exercise may not be art, but it is still a good exercise in wet on wet technique and mixing color. Use French ultramarine and some orange-brown color, I chose burnt…

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Lundagård in the snow

This is an old painting from 2004, the motif is from Lundagård in Lund. This park is adjacent to the university’s main building with its fountain which I have painted many times. The painting…

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Pears – wet on wet

You can actually use whatever colors you want In this exercise, I myself used Phthalo blue, Burnt sienna, nickel dioxin yellow, Ivory black and cadmium red. It is not the colors that are important…

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Hydropower – an exercise

This is a fairly easy exercise where you have to use kitchen paper or similar to soak up freshly painted paint to give a hazy effect. Use a blue, yellow and cold red color….

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Bymon – an easy exercise

This place is called Bymon and is located in northern Jämtland. It is an idyll during the summer months, This is a fairly simple painting, without frills and oddities. The colors you should use…


Rowing boats | A simple exercise

This is a fairly simple exercise that is painted with only two colors: A blue color and a brown. You can choose any blue and brown. It is somewhat easier to paint this picture…