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From light to dark

In watercolour, you usually talk about two different principles for planning and executing a painting From back to front Works exactly as it sounds, you start to paint what is at the back of…

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I have recently completed some exercises in my watercolor courses which included gradients, large smooth gradients, small uneven gradients and everything in between. The result was partly disappointing. It is clear that this basic…

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Paint fluidly

All beginners paint watercolor with far too little paint in the brush. All? Yes, I actually think so. It happens at every course. Experienced participants paint fluently while those who are new, paint carefully…

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Dry brush trees in the background

Dry brushing (Scumbling) trees in the background of a landscape is often a good way to paint them (Read more about dry brush). You want to create a believable tree without being overly detailed….

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When there is a brick building in the subject, you are faced with a choice of two options: ignore the bricks and just paint the whole house with a brick color, or paint each…

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Paint negatively

Negative Painting is a painting technique, often used in watercolor. In short, it means creating the shape of an object by painting what is behind first, and thus giving an object a shape before…